Silverware’s Quality Control Solution

Manage quality control processes directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Designed for Quality-Conscious Companies.

Companies that operate in highly regulated industries, such as food and beverage, medical device manufacturing, children’s toys, cannabis, and nutraceuticals must identify, track and trace quality-related factors throughout their production cycles in order to remain in compliance with government and industry regulations.

Regulated companies must make quality job number one.

  • Can you quickly trace component lots forward and backward?
  • Are you still relying on spreadsheets to collect and track quality data?
  • Can you effectively quarantine products until testing is complete?
  • Are you able to produce documentation of test results on demand?


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Silverware’s Quality Management System for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Provides the functionality needed to rigorously manage and confidently track every step of your QC process from procurement through production to final distribution.

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Confidently and effectively manage QC processes with Silverware’s Quality Management System.

● Enforce processes for tracking test results and quarantining products
● Establish user-definable test groups and results
● Maintain records on product destruction for audits and cost-tracking
● Automatically quarantine products that are rejected or require quality testing
● Drill directly into item details for complete QC results on each lot or serial number
● Review QC results of raw material components in finished goods
● Proactively identify quality issues before an item becomes a finished good
● Manage multiple certificates of analysis (COA) layouts for products

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“This is going to be the central hub for everything we do. From every single aspect of the company, Silverware is building out a very functional and intuitive program.”

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