Silverware Change Tracking

A thorough history of every change to Business Central.

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Visibility and Accountability.

Silverware Change Tracking maintains a complete record of every change made to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central tables. Now you can get the context and answers you need, faster. By automatically creating an audit trail when a record is added, changed, or deleted, you can easily see who made the change, when the change was made, and what the previous value was. Silverware Change Tracking provides a higher level of visibility and accountability that speeds the resolution of questions or issues.

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Maintain a detailed history of every change in your records with Silverware Change Tracking.

  • Have unexpected delivery changes delayed your fulfillment process?
  • Wondering who made that change to a customer’s credit terms?
  • Tired of finger pointing when data has been edited?


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Accessibility and detailed data when you need it most.

● The Changes tab lets you quickly view all data surrounding a change
● Instantly access a full history of all changes to a record
● Search and find changes in a record based on the primary key
● Track additions, changes, and deletions
● Track the current and previous data value
● See who changed a value and when

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Available in Two Editions.

Silverware Change Tracking is offered in two editions. The Basic edition tracks changes to up to 25 data tables. The Advanced edition tracks an unlimited number of data tables. It’s Silverware software that works for you.

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“Change Tracking drastically streamlined our ops. Instead of endless emails trying to understand a change, we can see exactly what happened and who did it. Now we can find the right person immediately and ask them why, or just acknowledge and move along.”

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