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The first ever cannabis ERP solution for Business Central available on Microsoft AppSource.

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ERP Designed for Cannabis Companies.

Silver Leaf Cannabis Business Central (CBC) is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built for cannabis operations, including cultivators, manufacturers, processors, and distributors. Silver Leaf CBC incorporates all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central combined with cannabis-specific features designed and developed to take your operations to a higher level.

Is your current system slowing you down?

  • Are you manually maintaining data in your state track and trace system?
  • Do you know what each product actually costs?
  • Are you struggling to manage your quarantine process?
  • Do you rely on cumbersome spreadsheets to run your operation?


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“This is going to be the central hub for everything we do. From every single aspect of the company, Silverware is building out a very functional and intuitive program.”

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Silver Leaf CBC removes barriers and allows your cannabis company to flourish.

Silver Leaf CBC builds on the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central adding functionality that growing cannabis companies need, including product tracking, quality control, delivery compliance, and financial best practices.

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Silver Leaf CBC helps cannabis companies:

● Understand the true costs of producing products
● Bring data to life with useful dashboards created with Microsoft Power BI
● Demonstrate compliance and streamline audits with robust internal controls and rapid access to data
● Build and maintain a robust quality control program
● Control the quarantine process automatically and track lab results
● Improve forecasting and optimize supply chain planning
● Ensure chain of custody tracking with manifest generation and mapping, and signature capture
● Easily integrate with state track and trace systems, including Leaf and Metrc

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Seed-to-sale software can only take you so far. Go higher, further with Silver Leaf CBC.

Seed-to-sale software was built to track marijuana plants and products quite literally from seedling to final sale, to help cannabis businesses comply with state tracking regulations. And that’s it.

Seed-to-sale software was not built to run and scale your business. It was not built to deliver accurate costing data. It was not built to track quality data. It was not built to provide real-time financial insights. It was not built to help you engage your customers and promote your brand.

Silver Leaf CBC was built for you.
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You’ll find Silver Leaf CBC from Silverware on the Microsoft AppSource, where we’re the first (and only) solution designed for cannabis companies.

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The power of the platform.

With its roots in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Silver Leaf CBC opens the possibilities for you to incorporate the rest of the Microsoft Dynamics Platform in your operations, including Power BI, SharePoint, Microsoft 365 (Office), and Exchange. Connect your data across the Microsoft stack and partner solutions like Silver Leaf CBC for a seamless experience and greater efficiencies. Transform your business with AI-driven predictive insights that keep you competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

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