Is QuickBooks Cloud Limiting your Business' Potential?

When your needs are beyond the capabilities of QuickBooks, Sage Intacct is ready to deliver more

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Crazy high ROI

Sage Intacct customers enjoy, on average, a return on investment of over 250% when switching to Sage Intacct.  The average payback period is under six months. TOA Technologies, a midsized software company, was growing rapidly at the time it implemented Sage Intacct. An analysis by Nucleus Research concluded that the company achieved an ROI of 532% with Sage Intacct, a time to value of 2.5 months, and an average annual savings of $301,995. Learn why Sage Intacct is the leading accounting software for medium sized businesses

Sage Intacct Differentiators

QuickBooks is just too basic to handle growing organizations with evolving needs. So your team might be compensating with inefficient workarounds and spreadsheets. And you may realize you can’t rely on your basic reports to be of any strategic use. That’s a lot to pay for a “low cost” solution. Find out what makes Sage Intacct the best QuickBooks alternative. More

What do you need to take your business to the next level?

Business NeedIndication
Professional-strength capabilitiesYou’re spending hours and valuable staff time outside of QuickBooks running and manipulating spreadsheets.
Greater productivity and accuracyYou’re managing inefficient manual processes that reduce productivity and introduce errors or require additional staff.
Advanced business intelligenceYou’re lacking deep, timely information–including revenue or profit by product, by customer, by project, by location, by fund, or by any other critical business dimension–without manual workarounds or working outside QuickBooks.
Real-time operational visibilityYou have limited visibility into consolidated and operational details.
Tighter internal controls and full financial accountabilityYou need to become fully GAAP-compliant or just need more control, segregation of duties, and auditability.
Full business integrationYou need seamless integration to mission critical apps you’re using every day—such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM)—to improve processes and reduce manual efforts.
Support for local currencies or locationsYou’re having difficulty managing multi-entity and/or multi-currency issues.
Project accounting functionalityYou’re missing real-time visibility into project costs, revenues, and profitability.
Robust revenue managementYou’re experiencing revenue leakage as a result of inefficient, manual revenue management processes. Most companies can recover 5% of total revenues when they graduate to a professional system.

Do any of these describe your current situation? Upgrade to a financial management solution that automatically runs the processes you now manage manually outside of your entry-level accounting package and enables your company to grow.

Improve your business, grow with Sage Intacct

Uniquely endorsed by the AICPA and named by Inc. Magazine as “Best for Replacing QuickBooks,” Sage Intacct is widely recognized as the best accounting solution for companies stretching beyond the capabilities of QuickBooks. Sage Intacct helps your organization increase revenues, decrease costs, and improve compliance in ways that QuickBooks wasn’t designed to handle. Save significant time and money by accessing real-time information, automating key business processes, and gaining critical financial intelligence.

By upgrading to Sage Intacct, you can:

  • Eliminate the need for spreadsheets for reporting. Save thousands of hours every year and provide more in-depth, relevant information faster to key decision makers.
  • Streamline invoicing, billing, and collections. Increase revenues by 10% and collect cash faster, driving down DSO by up to 50%.
  • Strengthen compliance and governance. Take advantage of strict permissions, separation of duties and financial controls, a robust audit trail, and support for global regulatory compliance.
  • See your business in a new way. Easily combine data from your other key business applications with financial information from Sage Intacct, and eliminate information silos and reducing staff by as much as 50%.
  • Access your financial system—anytime, anywhere. Give everyone—inside or outside your organization—secure role-based access to financial applications for faster insight into the business.
  • Automate financial consolidation. Save hundreds of hours per year by consolidating multiple operating entities with a single click.
  • Gain between 200% and 400% ROI every year—with a three to five-month payback.

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