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  • Do you have access to the real-time data needed to make strategic decisions?
  • Are you able to offer the service levels your customers demand?
  • Do you have the productivity and performance levels needed to support growth?

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“The greatest benefit is to have a [distribution ERP] system that will allow me as CEO to take a look at how we are doing from a profitability standpoint by product line or facility. It’s also a system that will give me granular data on the business so we can make better business decisions.”

Business is getting tougher. Distributors are getting smarter.

The distribution industry is experiencing disruption on an epic scale. Digital players offer service levels and pricing that are difficult to match. Manufacturers are forming direct relationships with consumers, leaving distributors out of the deal. Customer expectations are higher than ever before, and innovative technologies are disrupting traditional distribution models. In order for today’s distributors to remain competitive and capitalize on new opportunities, they need elevated operational efficiency, improved communication tools, and rapid access to actionable information.

Silverware has a proven track record of helping distributors replace legacy distribution ERP and disconnected applications with products and processes that allow them to build an agile, connected, and resilient supply chain ready to overcome today’s challenges and rise to tomorrow’s opportunities. Our distribution ERP subject matter experts combine cloud technology, accounting, and industry knowledge to optimize workflows and aggregate data across departments and locations to give users a holistic view of their business. With access to actionable insights, distributors can proactively adjust to changes in demand and better manage everything from procurement and distribution to customer service and business administration.

We invite you to connect with one of our manufacturing industry experts. Read more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Distributors.

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