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  • Are you able to accurately track product costs?
  • Are you ready for the state inspectors – today?
  • Are you positioned to capitalize on the growth opportunities on your horizon?

Silverware can help you realize your future. Together.
Learn more about Silver Leaf CBC — the ERP for cannabis companies.

“With Silverware’s help, we’re able to have a new entity up and running, fully compliant with a new state’s regulations inside of two months. That kind of agility helps ensure we stay out in front of our competition.”

Partnership for growth

The cannabis industry is growing at an astounding pace, and companies competing for a share of this market face unprecedented challenges – and extraordinary opportunities. Often, we see rapidly growing cannabis companies running multi-million dollar operations on entry-level accounting software and spreadsheets. Lots of spreadsheets. Disconnected, incomplete applications rob the organization of the visibility needed to sustain growth, expansion, and profitability.

Silverware is an established expert in the cannabis ERP sector. Our consultants have worked in and with the industry since its inception. We have helped dozens of cannabis processors and distributors throughout the country grow agile, compliant, and profitable operations. Silverware’s Silver Leaf CBC delivers the traceability, visibility, and quality assurance tools and expertise cannabis companies need to realize their visions and scale successfully.

We developed one of the first cannabis ERP solutions, based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, and provide new features to support the changing industry. We invite you to learn more about Silverware’s commitment to the cannabis industry by speaking to one of our consultants or by visiting Silver Leaf CBC.


Screenshot of Silver Leaf CBC, Silverware's ERP for cannabis

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