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Speed, agility, and responsiveness are the hallmarks of a successful distributor. Rising customer expectations, increasing price pressures, and competition from online retailers means that distributors must be faster and better than ever before. Silverware works with distributors throughout North America to help them optimize their workflows, capitalize on opportunities and improve their supply chain.


Today’s manufacturers face competition from many sources. We work with manufacturers to replace legacy ERP and disconnected applications with products and processes that allow them to build an agile, connected, and resilient supply chain.


The cannabis industry is growing at an astounding pace, and companies competing for a share of this market face unprecedented challenges. Silverware works with growing cannabis processors and distributors to deliver the traceability and visibility required to realize their visions and scale profitably.

Visit Silver Leaf CBC for information on our cannabis ERP solution.

“I feel like it is an experienced group. You get the benefit of their experience. It isn’t the first time they are seeing it and it shows. If we need something fleshed out, they often can say they have already done it. It is good to know they are on top of it.”

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