What is Cannabis ERP Software?

The Silverware Team | October 20, 2021

Cannabis ERP graphicChoosing the right cannabis ERP software is important. It’s a significant financial investment for any company or organization and a demanding investment of time and resources to implement, especially if your organization does not have an ERP manager on staff. There are plenty of companies marketing “all-in-one” software solutions; however, only true Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can serve the needs of an entire business operation and for the cannabis industry, the operational challenges are more complex.

ERP software is an advanced tool used to manage all components of a business. This includes your day-to-day tasks, as well as important administrative actions and reports.

Microsoft’s Business Central is a powerful cloud-based ERP solution that can manage and handle a company’s entire supply chain, clearly documenting the details while demonstrating the big picture. Imagine having your reporting, documentation, finances, inventory records, sales reports, and more at your fingerprints at any point in time from anywhere.

Silverware Inc. is a trusted Gold Certified Microsoft Partner that has enhanced this powerful and customizable cloud-based solution to fit the cannabis industry’s needs. Silverware’s cannabis ERP, Silver Leaf CBC includes added functionality that growing cannabis companies need, such as quality control, compliance support, inventory and procurement, cultivation, sales and delivery, and best financial practices. The software tool is designed for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, processors, and distributors. Large operators thrive using a cannabis ERP because it gives business owners the ability to oversee all operations simultaneously.

Who uses cannabis ERP software?

ERP software has always best served enterprises in the manufacturing and distribution industries. The Business Central platform is flexible. Silverware Inc. recognized it could configure this extensible solution to serve the cannabis industry and be manageable for a lean IT team.

Cannabis ERP software is also well suited for cannabis companies that have an internal ERP manager available to work alongside a partner or business owner to harness the power of the software. A cannabis ERP provides users with a high-level overview, while prioritizing functions like track and trace, tax automations, and compliance aids.

Cannabis ERP can organize and centralize a company’s processes to relieve the challenges of more elementary systems. Basic accounting applications, such as QuickBooks and seed-to-sale tracking systems, are not equipped to help scale operations. In this growing industry, access to data and the ability to adapt and respond to ever changing regulations is key.

Features and functions of Silver Leaf CBC

End-users can set up personalized dashboards with the information required to make strategic decisions. A strong cannabis ERP, such as Silver Leaf CBC, helps cannabis companies:

  • Understand true production costs
  • Display data using Microsoft Power BI
  • Demonstrate compliance and streamline audits
  • Maintain robust quality control
  • Track lab results and processes
  • Forecast and plan
  • Ensure chain of custody
  • Track and trace with integrations to state tracking systems such as Metrc, BioTrackTHC and Leaf Data Systems


Cannabis ERP is also essential in day-to-day business operational success. Warehouse managers, growers, and drivers all represent employees within an operation whose tasks can greatly impact profits. Utilizing an ERP gives these pertinent employees a centralized platform for gathering and documenting information, creating data records, and updating operational changes. Access and insight to this real-time information gives owners the data required to make positive changes to the operation if needed.

How can cannabis ERP be utilized effectively?

Cannabis ERP can be used to integrate all operational functions needed to move a cannabis business forward and position it for growth. A robust software tool like Silver Leaf CBC can document daily operations, produce reports, monitor product quality, maintain financial data and changes, oversee the team’s tasks, update inventory, and help meet outstanding compliance requirements. Some of its best capabilities include:

  • Compliance Reporting: Integrate with state tracking systems and reconcile data
  • Accounting and Analytics: Provides finance reports, audit trails, tax compliance information by state and item cost analysis
  • Workflow and Team Management: Automates processes and identifies bottlenecks or areas for improvement
  • Sales and Delivery: Streamlines order placement, scheduling and invoicing
  • Track & Trace: Tracks cultivation costs while plant tracking by tag


Learn more about the features and functions of Silver Leaf CBC from this product datasheet.

Things to look for in cannabis ERP software

With the software tools available today, scaling a cannabis business has never been more achievable. Whether it’s documenting the plants from seed-to-sale, submitting reports to the state, dealing with taxes, or managing production schedules, it requires a great deal of documentation. Finding a tool that can organize and centralize your data is vital. Some other factors to look for in a potential cannabis ERP include:

  • Data Security and Access – In a highly regulated industry such as cannabis, data security cannot afford to be overlooked. It is imperative to identify the key players in advance that should have admin access and will be responsible for safeguarding information.
  • Functionality and Ease of Use – The user experience is extremely important. If the ERP is clunky and overcomplicated, employee buy-in will be hard to achieve and will make the implementation process result in failure.
  • Customer Support – Partnership is crucial during the implementation phase of an ERP. Perform your due diligence to ensure customer support and training will be available ongoing.
  • Flexibility for Growth – It is essential that the cannabis ERP you select can facilitate plans for company growth. Ask questions to clarify and understand a software’s capability and ensure it has the tools to help your cannabis business flourish.
  • Hardware Compatibility – Is your organization a Windows or Mac environment? Will a new ERP software require you to purchase new hardware to ensure compatibility? You need to be aware of additional expenses in advance.
  • Cost and ROI – With any business, ROI is a key performance indicator. The cost and the benefits an ERP offer needs to align.
  • Established Credibility – An ERP built on Microsoft’s Business Central platform has established credibility.


While you might find many of these characteristics in an alternative software product, it is equally important to find the right team or partner to be your trusted advisor that will guide you through the software implementation journey. A strong partner is one that will take you beyond the initial implementation, as training and support are fundamental in ensuring the cannabis ERP continues to serve a company’s changing needs.

The software tool you choose must be reliable, which is why Silverware chose to build its cannabis ERP on the Microsoft platform. Silver Leaf CBC is a powerful cannabis ERP that has impressive reporting capabilities and compliance tools. It not only has all the characteristics detailed above, Silver Leaf CBC is accessible from any device, anywhere, because it is also cloud-based. Its usability and accessibility are seamless, and it integrates with Microsoft’s 365 suite of applications.

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