The Silverware Way: Seven Habits that Help us Realize Our Future Together

The Silverware Team | April 13, 2021

At Silverware Inc., we developed guiding principles for our business based on our core values. We refer to these principles as our Seven Habits or The Silverware Way. In 2015, Silverware Inc. acquired another company. When we merged the two organizations, it prompted us to identify what we wanted to achieve through this new venture. It was particularly important to company President and Founder, Sara Silver, that Silverware Inc. establish a culture that is collaborative and follows a shared set of best practices. Sara’s goal was to take what worked best from both companies and bring it all together.

Seven Habits graphic

To develop the habits, Silverware Inc. began by surveying its customers. The next step was a review of completed projects – both successful and the ones that did not run smoothly. From there, we outlined the Seven Habits as highlights of the tools that we use to generate successful outcomes – our best practices for working well.

Bob Silver, Chief Financial Officer and Operations Officer for Silverware, recalls, “We took that information, and we came back as a team, and said, ‘Okay, what are the things that we do that our customers like? And what are the things that we do that our customers don’t like?’ And it helped us define the guiding principles of how we work with our customers and what we try to achieve.”

The Seven Habits that have become The Silverware Way are the actions we aim to embody and exhibit day-to-day to create a unified company culture and customer experience:


  1. Communicate Now
  2. Clarify and Verify
  3. Work as a Team
  4. Build Relationships
  5. Know the Customer’s Business and Show it
  6. Take Ownership
  7. Close the Loop


If you check out our video series on YouTube, you will see each habit broken down and learn what they each mean to our team members, plus how they affect our customers at Silverware Inc. The goal of The Silverware Way is to Enrich the Experience we provide at Silverware Inc.

In a nutshell, “If we’re following the habits, our projects are going to be successful, our customers are going to have a good experience. They’re going to always know what’s going on. They’re going to know that we’re training them in best practices, and that we have consistency in how we do things. The ultimate goal is that they realize the potential of the software, and the potential of their organization through the software,” says Sara.

Silverware Inc. is just as committed to realizing the future of its customers’ businesses as are their customers. The big changes and challenges the pandemic brought about for businesses were a real test. Having the habits as our backbone gave Silverware Inc. an advantage on how to respond and continue to move forward. The Seven Habits brought the team together and provided Silverware Inc. with a clear and consistent set of practices for taking care of its customers and operating successfully.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Silverware Way and how we live it every day at Silverware Inc., watch our latest video. If you are interested in how a partnership with Silverware Inc. can help your business achieve successful outcomes and realize its future, then drop us a line and remember to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for all our company updates.

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