Season of Sharing: Take-Aways from 2017 Conference Season

Bob Silver | November 30, 2017

NAV Directions

We recently finished what we fondly call “Conference Season.” Over a 30 day period in September and October, some combination of the Silverware Team attended either NAV Directions, the NAV Partner Conference in Orlando; NAVUG Summit, the NAV User Group meetings in Nashville; or Intacct Advantage, the annual Intacct Partner and Customer Conference in Las Vegas. Lucky me, I got to attend all three! We call it Conference Season, as these industry events are always held this time of year. After attending all three, I have come to see it as “The Season of Sharing” (not to be confused with the state newspaper’s annual fundraising drive for charity), as it really is an opportunity to share insight and information and learn from others in the industry.

I will admit I kind of dread the thought of going to these annual conferences. No one likes to be away from the office or home that much. But once I get there, I am energized by our peers and all the advice, ideas, and inspiration they provide. It is great to be able to sit and talk with someone who is facing many of the same challenges you are or who is doing something that you never even thought of. I am always astounded by people’s willingness to share their success secrets as well as their failures (which are usually more instructive). The NAVUG Summit and Intacct Advantage are even more inspiring, as many of the “how-to” or “learn this” sessions are taught by users of the software, not a corporate shill or a partner fishing for new clients. It is users helping other users. Their insight and knowledge is really amazing.

And, you do not have to attend the conferences to tap into this incredible knowledge base. Both NAV and Intacct have active forums that allow users to post questions or issues. Users from all over the country jump in online to answer these questions and help each other find the answers. It is a FREE source of help and support.

We encourage you to join these communities and attend these events. There is a cost to attend, but the return on your investment of time and money is well worth it. The knowledge and ideas you gain that can enhance your software use are endless, and will help you to effectively improve your business operations.

NAV users can go to to join NAVUG.

Intacct users can go to to join.

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