Exceptional Quality Management: Introducing the Silverware Quality Control Module

The Silverware Team | February 26, 2020

Lab tech performing quality control of glass ampoulesAs consumers get smarter, the factors that determine which brands rise to the top to enjoy long-term success changes. Quality is the most significant factor, and the one most likely to predict brand viability. Because quality control plays such a critical role in building a strong brand and consumer loyalty, we at Silverware spend considerable time helping companies improve their quality practices.  

While product testing is a fundamental part of quality management, many customers want to take it furtherthey want to use testing data to guide their overall quality strategy. After helping businesses accrue and analyze testing information for years, we’ve packaged the most valuable features into a discrete module: Silverware Quality Control (QC). Silverware QC, available on Business Central, allows operators in any industry to build and deliver consistently high-quality products based on their testing data. 

Serve multiple audiences and adapt to changing regulations  

In industries that require testing, businesses must meet quality minimums. However, some companies strive to surpass those minimumsand exceed customer expectationsby ensuring their products meet above-average quality and tolerance levels. Because quality-conscious consumers often demand higher quality and consistency than states require, focusing on quality and communicating it to savvy consumers is a smart business tactic. 

In addition, government quality expectations for consumable goods continue to increase. Luckily, Silverware QC module’s flexibility in defining testing attributes and tolerances can accommodate changes to laws made by regulators. 

Extend and reinforce quality control management efforts  

But effective quality management programs can go beyond compliance testing. You can extend them to incorporate workflows and procedures that improve process repeatability, make outputs more predictable, reduce defects, and ensure your products meet your standards and customers’ expectations. 

The Silverware QC module supports these processes by collecting the data used for monitoring, detecting, and reducing errors during every step of your operations. You create acceptable limits (aka specified tolerances) for each process, and goods can only progress through production when they meet those tolerances. If a product fails to meet acceptable limits, the Silverware QC module identifies it and prevents it from moving forward. This keeps the quality of your finished goods consistently high. 

Optimize and launch new products 

An integrated approach to quality management also allows you to use your data to optimize and launch new products. 

Improving existing products and introducing new ones is faster and easier when you can forecast from historical data; Silverware QC collects critical data via testing at various stages to simplify that process. Using that data, you can track testing results for root cause analysis, analyze data for strategic decisions regarding product offerings, refine product development, and manage product changes over time. In addition, quality managers can establish a library to store test data, and the Silverware QC module will keep the information organized and easily accessible.  

Manage product recalls effectively 

Regardless of your quality control measures’ effectiveness, product recalls, defects, and problems can still arise, and how you respond is crucial to maintaining customer loyalty. Successfully managing these events requires extending your quality control measures beyond product creation into identifying, tracking, and responding to issues throughout product lifecycles. 

The Silverware QC module supports quality management efforts by identifying lots with defects and providing key data points that allow you to initiate formal recalls and quarantine responses. 

Consistent quality is vital to your business’s long-term success, and quality control goes beyond meeting government compliance mandates—consumers are becoming as demanding as regulators. Meeting those demands requires a quality management program that includes stringent control measures. With extensive testing, recording, and analysis functionality, the new Silverware QC module is a valuable addition to your quality management efforts. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demonstration.

Key features of Silverware Quality Control:

  • User-definable test groups & results
  • Delivery tracking on samples that go to the lab
  • Multiple COA layouts
  • QC approval process
  • Re-processing for failed lots 
  • Lab billing reconciliation
  • Internal control on product use
  • Quarantine management
  • Re-testing 
  • Product destruction tracking


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Updated on May 21, 2020

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