How to select a MS Navision partner

The Silverware Team | July 12, 2017

MS NavisionFive questions to help you make the right choice.

How should you go about selecting a MS Navision business partner? Full disclosure. Silverware is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner. Knowing that, you might be a bit skeptical of our ability to speak objectively on the subject of selecting a NAV partner. But we urge you to put your skepticism aside for a few moments, and hear some of the wisdom we’ve gathered after almost 30 years in the business. We’ve been asked – and asked ourselves – many questions about just what makes a good Microsoft Dynamics NAV business partner. Below are five of the most common questions prospects bring us during their search for the right business partner.

1. What are the most important things to consider when choosing a new business partner?

There are a number of factors to consider, but you can boil it down to the essential Three Es: Expertise, Experience, and Ethics. Does the business partner completely understand both the product and the industry you’re in? Have they worked successfully with businesses similar to yours? Do they put customers’ needs out in front, operating in a fair, transparent, and honest manner? Line up these three elements and you’ve stacked the odds in your favor.

2. Last time we purchased business software, the sales rep told us one thing, and the implementation team told us another. Why the disconnect?

This situation is all too common. The disconnect occurs when the people making the promises are not the people involved in delivering on those promises. Sales-driven business partners are frequently guilty of this. They reward their staff based on making the sale, not on successful outcomes. Look for a partner with a connected approach, one that involves the services team along with the sales team to ensure a thorough understanding of your requirements and how those requirements mesh with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

3. What happens if the software can’t meet certain critical needs of my company?

If you’re discovering this fact post implementation, you may have had a partner more concerned about the sale than the outcome. If instead, your business needs are changing and evolving and the software lacks critical functionality to meet those new demands, it’s likely that what you need is either possible thorough creative use of the stock application, available for NAV as a third-party add on, or can be custom developed for you by a MS Navision development partner.

4. The publisher says they can implement my new cloud ERP solution, why should I hire a partner?

One advantage of Cloud ERP is the fact that there’s nothing for you to install, and no additional infrastructure for you to maintain. So perhaps it’s natural for some companies to assume that this means you simply provision (the new term for install) the cloud environment, and go to work. In fact, companies are discovering that while Cloud ERP solutions have tremendous capabilities, and many advantages over legacy on premise solutions, they cannot forego a proper implementation process with a skilled partner without also foregoing maximum value and ROI. We’ve debunked a few other myths about Cloud ERP implementation here.

5. We had a NAV partner and didn’t find value in their services. What’s different about the way you work?

We love to answer this question – because there’s a lot that’s different about the way Silverware works. A significant difference is that we do not measure our organization’s success by how much software we sell, but rather by how many satisfied customers and successful outcomes we help create. We’re especially proud of the fact that our very first customer is still with us. We’re also quite proud of the fact that a large number of our clients were once orphans – either abandoned by their partners or recently fired their partners – and chose Silverware as the business partner to help them get, and stay on a better track.

Silverware welcomes the opportunity to chat with you to see if we’re the right MS Navision partner for you. Let’s connect and see where it goes.

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