Excel automation: Take flight with Jet Reports and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The Silverware Team | July 19, 2017

Excel automationExcel automation tool creates a powerful enterprise reporting solution.

It seems the business world remains addicted to Excel automation tools. We just can’t kick the habit. Like our morning coffee, Excel automation is comfortable, readily available and gets us going. Despite the availability of other, more powerful reporting options, Excel persists as the most popular spreadsheet, analysis, and automation tool in the world. Despite its popularity, Excel has some significant drawbacks as an enterprise reporting tool. But don’t worry, we’re not going to try to get you to quit the habit; on the contrary, we want to introduce you to a tool that leverages all that is good about Excel automation, and augments it with the business reporting necessities it lacks. So, sit back, relax, and meet Jet Reports – and you can ignore the seat belt sign.

Why Jet Reports?

Because getting data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be difficult

To state the obvious: ERP applications are complex and multifaceted. By their very nature they make it difficult to locate and collate the data you’re after. Frustrated users often turn to the company’s strapped IT resources to develop yet another specialized report, or for particularly complex reports, you may need to involve a developer.

Microsoft Power BI can definitely help make certain types of data more accessible, but you may still need IT resources to perform many common tasks, such as linking multiple data sources. And while Power BI is a fantastic tool for creating dashboards, it isn’t particularly useful for generating financial reports.

Which leads us to Jet Reports. Jet Reports isn’t just a reporting add-on that works with Dynamics NAV, it’s a reporting add-on that was made for Dynamics NAV. And it’s simple to implement: Jet Reports was designed to get you up and running in hours, not weeks or months. It includes pre-built reports, dashboards, cubes, automated data warehousing and an intuitive design that begins delivering a return on investment from Day 1. And by leveraging the familiar Excel user interface, you reduce the time it takes for your staff to maximize productivity. This isn’t your typical software project – it’s fast, easy and effective.

What Jet Reports does

Excel automation tool takes off
Jet Reports is a reporting, business analytics and collaboration tool made for Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. Jet Reports leverages the intuitive interface of Excel automation – it literally runs inside of Excel. But Jet Reports accesses your Microsoft Dynamics NAV database in real time. No exporting, importing, re-keying, reformatting, or copying and pasting.

And Jet Reports is simple to use, empowering users to create and tweak their own reports – either from scratch or using one of the many pre-built reports included. It’s self-service business intelligence, and it frees your company’s IT resources to work on more strategic initiatives rather than being bogged down by report requests.

You can use Jet Reports in conjunction with Power BI, taking advantage of the best features of both tools.

How much time do you spend generating and distributing reports? Jet Reports can do it for you. Schedule your reports to run and distribute on any schedule you define. You can also configure the solution to send a report based on alert conditions you define – such as an over-budget situation.

Here’s a small sampling of how Jet Reports could be used by individuals across your organization.

  • View KPI dashboards
  • Perform risk analysis
  • Monitor top performing items
  • Get real time income statements and balance sheets
  • Compare sales forecasts to actuals
  • Identify customer sales patterns
  • Track time and attendance

As you may know by now, we are some of Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s biggest fans. NAV is an incredibly powerful, flexible, and comprehensive ERP solution that meets the needs of organizations across a wide range of industries. But we’re also all about time-saving efficiencies and boosting productivity, so when we encounter a tool like Jet Reports that builds on the power of NAV to simplify everyday reporting, we think it’s worth talking about. Want to learn more about NAV and Jet Reports? Contact us here.

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