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We partner with strategic innovators to provide comprehensive technology solutions to our clients.

“Silverware’s deep technical and business knowledge enables them to understand our particular business needs and craft the right solution for us.”


Our customers benefit from a global, multi-language, multi-currency solution with accounting, reporting, supply chain management, service, and manufacturing functionality capabilities. Start with what you need now, and add capabilities and users as your business processes evolve, requirements change and your organization grows—in the Microsoft Cloud, on a private cloud, or on your servers—whichever deployment model is right for your business.

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Insight Software – Jet Global

Quickly and easily generate timely, accurate financial reports in the format that works for you, right inside of Excel. Always have the answers you need by drilling down to see the source data and enjoy the freedom to focus on other tasks while your reports run and distribute automatically.

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Insight Works

Optimize your shipping, receiving, and inventory, warehouse, and material management with apps from Insight Works. Insight Work’s apps are designed to integrate specifically with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, so there is no need to jump between different systems. Everything you need is accessible from a single platform.

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Lanham Associates

Lanham Associates provides business value to middle-market distributors through solid, proven supply chain solutions available directly inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Lanham’s Supply Chain suite is designed to help improve business processes by streamlining operations, cutting costs, and increasing overall productivity for distributors, manufacturers, and retail suppliers.

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ChargeLogic provides a secure solution for accepting payments for phone and mail orders, retail, e-commerce, and mobile. With solutions for all your sales channels, ChargeLogic can address your need to securely accept payments and manage that data directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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TRIMIT Fashion is a complete ERP solution for fashion and apparel companies. TRIMIT is an integrated solution that covers the entire value chain from quotation/order, through production to customer service. It provides a unified platform where the same things have the same name, everyone works in the same system, and where you can work much better together both internally and externally.

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