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The Next Chapter of Dynamics Cloud Business Apps

We have always struggled to maintain inventory accuracy. At the end of each year, we would do a full count and be horrified at the results. We found around 20% of our items were accurate, and usually wrote off between 0.5% and 1% of our inventory when we couldn’t find it. In October 2014, Silverware helped us implement NAV’s Warehouse Management module.  Launching the WMS was a relatively simple process, with training led by the team at Silverware. There were a couple extra steps required for Shipping and Receiving processes, but overall it was easy to learn and implement.

The WMS forces good behavior in the warehouse by assigning inventory to a particular bin. It provides us a way to track receipts, movements, and picks for shipments that we had a dire need for. In August 2015, after 10 months of entry-level usage (we made lots of mistakes), we did another full inventory count. This time, our inventory was around 70% accurate, and write-offs were down to .2% of inventory. We know that is still bad, but it is so much better!  We have greater visibility of inventory flow now, and are better able to do root-cause analysis. We have found huge sources of discrepancies, and improved many of our processes. I believe the next full count we perform will show further improvement. The WMS gives us a solid foundation for our business and is one of the best NAV investments we have made. Thank you, Silverware!

Eric Moe

Business Analyst, Industrial Revolution, Inc.