Jason Tice

Q & A with NAV Developer Jason Tice

Senior Consultant and Developer, Jason Tice discovered his passion for programming early in his career and later discovered the beauty of NAV. He has spent almost two decades working as a software developer and he still finds the work he does helping Silverware customers both challenging and rewarding. Find out more about Jason and his experience: What attracted or lead you to becoming a NAV ...

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Intacct pricing

Understanding Intacct pricing

We’re straight shooters at Silverware, and prefer straight up answers over sales-speak, but when we are first asked by a prospect, “What does Intacct cost?” our initial answer is likely to be a bit vague; something akin to, “It all depends.” In truth, no business software vendor can answer that question for you without knowing a lot more about your business and the challenges you’re facing. It’s ...

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Intacct vs. Dynamics 365

Intacct vs. Dynamics 365 – which is the better choice?

As a technology firm, we embrace new technologies that help our clients – and our own firm – grow more efficiently and effectively. At the same time, though, we provide accounting solutions, and accounting types tend to be skeptical of trends, choosing tried and true solutions that are functionally bulletproof. It’s due to these two (seemingly conflicting) reasons, that we feel that Intacct is a ...

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apparel ERP software

Apparel ERP Software: Omnichannel sales requires an omni-equipped business

Are you overlooking the importance of an apparel ERP software application? With the 2017 Fall/Winter Fashion Week behind us, and the Spring/Summer event to look forward to, it seems timely to talk about the apparel industry and the challenges many growing companies face. One of those challenges is balancing customer-facing sales initiatives with back office fulfillment realities. This challenge ...

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Sara Silver

Celebrating Sara: What makes our founder tick?

  Our company Founder and Solutions Architect, Sara Silver, was recently recognized by the Phoenix Business Journal and honored with an Outstanding Women in Business award. Now Sara is not one to seek out accolades (although this one is well-deserved); she’s more about just getting to the work to determine the best solutions for our clients and supporting the rest of the team, so they can ...

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Cannabis Business

Negotiating the Highs and Lows of the Cannabis Business

How ERP can help you grow a successful cannabis business. While the initial novelty has leveled, the cannabis industry continues to gain legitimacy, and its entrepreneurs find they are facing many of the same challenges that confront every other growing enterprise. Maintaining adequate inventory without overstocking, controlling the growing, processing and packaging costs per gram of every strain ...

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Matt McCarthy

Decoding NAV: Q&A with Matt McCarthy

When Matt McCarthy graduated from Arizona State University, he had his sights set on a career in finance. It didn’t take long before he began working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an end user and it quickly turned Matt’s trajectory from pricing analyst to NAV developer and project support. Matt’s interest in NAV piqued when he learned of its potential to streamline business processes and he now ...

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Business Intelligence Tools

The Next Dimension in Business Intelligence Tools

Utilize dimensions and let your chart of accounts do its job. The building block of a business’s financial reporting has always been its business intelligence tools; especially the chart of accounts. As your business grows larger and more complex, and seeks better, faster and more detailed business intelligence, your chart of accounts grows, too. Soon you find yourself adding extra segments in ...

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What is CRM

What is CRM?

Welcome to the Age of the Customer. We’ve entered a new era where customer experience is overtaking price and product as the key differentiator in customers’ purchasing decisions. Forrester calls it the Age of the Customer. The age of the customer refers to more than the old adage, “The customer is always right.” It refers to a business strategy where understanding, delighting, connecting with, ...

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Jennifer Rodriguez

Q & A with Jennifer Rodriguez: Implementation Specialist

What makes Implementation Specialist, Jennifer Rodriguez stand out? Jennifer Rodriguez joined the Gilbert & Associates team in 2012, which later merged and became the Silverware, Inc. team in 2015. After making the transition to consultant, it didn’t take long for Jennifer to make her mark. We recently sat down with Jennifer to learn more about her and what she is currently working on. ...

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